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“Celebrations” © Cheryl Andrews

The 4F’s of Celebrations!

I interpret celebration in terms of the 4F’s:  family – friends – food – fun. Insofar as family goes, our kids are all grown and for those that have them, their kids are growing up too. We are transitioning to that point in life, where we often go to them to celebrate holidays.

A family celebration!

The first of this Holiday Season’s mobile celebrations this past weekend was particularly memorable because it took place at our grandson’s new apartment in the GTA, a first for him and us … how cool is that!

“Ugh” © Cheryl Andrews

Our host shows off the sweater his other grandmother designed for the ‘ugly christmas sweater contest’ at his work.

© Cheryl Andrews

Son and grandson doing shoulder-to-shoulder food prep on the main meal as I relax with a glass of red.

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