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On Wednesdays all over the internet bloggers post a photo with no words to explain it. The idea is the photo says so much it doesn’t need a description.

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WordPress has done red before.  This week’s challenge asks ” …what about blue?  What do you associate blue with? The sky, the ocean…and what else?” 

My answer: Sky and Water!  This shot was taken from the end of the dock at 5:30 am as day broke over the ridge of trees.

Would the blue be quite so vivid without the yellow?

Would it have been as noticeable without the calm pre-dawn lake waters to reflect the sky?

“Daybreak” © Cheryl Andrews

Other interpretations you’ll enjoy viewing …

I took this from the end of the dock. You’d think there was a fire somewhere down the 6 km long arm on Otter Lake, Ontario, Canada.  This is a hot sunrise, early, around 5:30 am, before the heavy mists of late August have lifted from the lake – it’s the heat of the rising sun that burns it off.  The shot didn’t need any editing or tinkering on my part.

Ain’t nature grand?

“Autumn Sunrise” © Cheryl Andrews

Some other interpretations you’ll enjoy:

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