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The World Through My Eyes. We see many excellent shots out there in which a photographer’s intent is clear: where he or she leads us to the photo’s subject or main focus — using light, composition, and other criteria — and is able to convey what they see in their mind at the moment of capture. It’s that little extra something in a snapshot that transforms a photograph into something more: a visual interpretation of one’s vision. A story, captured in a frame — the photographer’s eye. (Cheri Lucas Rowlands)

Sharing a picture of the world through my eyes …

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I find the many curves in this shot fascinating … the curve where the two three trunks grow together, the multiple curves in the fungus growing out of the dividing line where the two trees meet, and the slight curvy nature of the surrounding trees since I was lying at the bottom of the subject tree shooting up.

"Bracket Fungus" by Cheryl Andrews

“Bracket Fungus” by Cheryl Andrews©

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Funny, poignant, symbolic, incorrect, informative, foreshadowing… (Sara Rosso)

I catalogued my last foot tour around Key West taking photos of signs.  Here’s a short slideshow, 11 of my personal favourites for all the reasons Sara lists above …

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