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When a woman reaches a certain age, times get pretty darned slim where you turn a head.  I’ve gotten used to it, to being invisible.  So, imagine my reaction today, while checking out the price of tuna in the canned goods aisle, a good-looking man from my age group gave me a direct, twinkly-eyed smile.  Me?  Had to be. There was no one else around.

At the check out, he was two aisles away and flashed that secret, knowing smile one more time. I did the dumb thing. Being so out of practice being noticed, I looked around to see who the heck he kept smiling at. Again, it had to be me. Early morning shopping means more and fresher food selections on the shelves and fewer shoppers.

He wasn’t far behind as I pushed the buggy into the parking lot. His shiny red truck was right next to my Jeep.  We didn’t speak, but along with a nod of recognition didn’t I get another of those mischievous smiles as I loaded the groceries.

Well, I could have flown home, so high on being visible again even if just for a few minutes in a grocery store. My heart soared. I cranked the volume on the radio, sang along, opened the windows letting the wind snarl my graying hair, and grinned like an idiot the whole drive.

When I kicked my shoes off at the front door into the hall closet … they didn’t match.

The bubble burst.

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